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Finding answers on the internet about medical treatments is always very tricky, that's why we provide here one of the largest databases about your medications to take.

We have created this platform to enable you not only to find an online remedy for your symptoms, but also to be able to buy them online via a certified and approved partner at European level: this partner is : Treated.

We strive to provide the most accurate content and quality records possible so that you can be completely sure of your choice when it comes to choosing your treatment.

Treated, a quality partner in your choice of treatment

Treated is an online pharmacy and a reputable partner in the choice of medical treatment. You can order completely online, a Treated doctor will then make the decision to prescribe the medication of your choice according to your symptoms.

Treated's clinical director is Doctor Daniel Atkinson, general practitioner since 2004.

Dr Daniel Atkinson


Graduate of the University of Southampton Medical School (1999). He has been a general practitioner since 2004.

In particular, Dr. Atkinson has supervised the training of general practitioners. He has extensive experience in clinical governance and the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

Dr. Atkinson monitors the work, training and experience of the doctors who prescribe on Treated.com and ensures that only safe drugs are dispensed to our patients.

GMC (General Medical Council) registration number: 4624794

Treated, excellent reviews on Trustpilot

What demonstrates the excellence of Treated's treatments, the doctors at Treated and the quality of their services are the opinions of the clients.

Treated has excellent ratings on Trustpilot, you can be reassured about the level of professionalism of their services.